Halo Headlines: Angels a ‘monster’ team, best and worst deadline trades in Angels history

The July 25th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels a ‘monster’ team, best and worst deadline trades in Angels history and much more…

The Story: The Angels have morphed into a monster team.
The Monkey Says: What kind of monster? Are we talking about werewolves or vampires? If it is vampires is the lame Twilight, sparkly-skinned, brooding vampires or the horrifying The Strain vampire? Or is it a truly scary monster like Corey Stoll’s wig in The Strain?

The Story: The best and worst deadline trade for the Angels.
The Monkey Says: Point of order, the Kazmir deal, while disastrous, was made AFTER the deadline through the waiver process, which I believe violates the spirit of the exercise.

The Story: Despite the worst farm system in baseball, prospects are making a big impact for the Angels.
The Monkey Says: It is true as the Halo farm system was low on star talent but has gotten strong production from more middling guys. There is definitely some luck involved there but also some of the prospect experts just missing. This doesn’t mean the Angels farm system is good, just not as bad as it was made to seem.

The Story: Trade objectives for each AL West team.
The Monkey Says: Jim Bowden earned some credit for breaking the Street deal, but he then goes and suggest the Angels send Hunter Green, Alex Yarbough and Cam Bedrosian to Colorado for two months of Jorge De La Rosa. That is just about the worst idea I’ve heard since the last Jim Bowden trade idea.

The Story: Looking at the “selling-the-closer” myth.
The Monkey Says: Long story short, the Angels are one of the rare teams that still is getting coaxed into overpaying for the Proven Closer label.

The Story: Hank Conger was happy to surrender his number to Huston Street.
The Monkey Says: He did it for free, but might take Street up on the offer of an all-expenses-paid vacation. This is important information because I really wanted to know the going rate for a uniform number.

The Story: How to troll every fanbase.
The Monkey Says: For Angels fans, he chose the “of Anaheim” button to press. I guess that works, but it isn’t that bad. If anything, I’d think Angels fans are a little more sensitive and protective of the Rally Monkey. Either that or the Vernon Wells trade. I’m willing to hear other arguments on this though.

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