Halo Headlines: Angels acquire Giavotella, complete signing of Baldoquin

The December 22nd, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels acquire Giavotella, complete signing of Baldoquin and much more…

The Story: The Angels acquire 2B Johnny Giavotella from the Kansas City Royals.
The Monkey Says: Giavotella is a former top second base prospect whose bat never translated to the majors and struggles defensively. Apparently Dipoto didn’t think the Angels had a enough of those already. Giavotella was basically free, costing Brian Broderick, a player just signed out of the Mexican Leagues, so it is a worthwhile gamble. There is a chance the Angels coaching staff can work some magic on Giavotella, but he is easily behind Green and Rutledge in the prospective second base competition.

The Story: Roberto Baldoquin passed his physical and signed with the Angels.
The Monkey Says: The paperwork still needs to work its way through the league offices, but the signing is now basically official.

The Story: The Angels did not submit a bid for Korean infielder Jung-ho Kang.
The Monkey Says: People don’t even know who won the bidding, which probably isn’t a great sign.

The Story: The path to the playoffs for the AL West teams.
The Monkey Says: This is pretty much a “whatever” article, but I hadn’t noticed that Fangraphs now has 2015 win-loss predictions. The Angels are only coming in at 84-78, a full four games behind the Mariners. That’s a little disconcerting.

The Story: A look at the one and done Hall of Fame candidates.
The Monkey Says: Interestingly, there is a suggestion that Percival might survive to the next ballot. He doesn’t have any votes yet, so I doubt that happens. I doubt he even gets a vote, especially on this crowded ballot.

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