Halo Headlines: Angels cut seven, Ibanez getting time at first base

The March 18th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels cut seven, Ibanez getting time at first base and much more…

The Story: The Angels reassigned Josh Wall, Luis Jimenez, Buddy Boshers, Efren Navarro and Tommy Field to minor league camp.

The Monkey Says: Those five are all on the 40-man roster, so they are being sent down. None of those demotions are a surprise.

The Story: Clay Rapada and John Hester have been reassigned to minor league camp.

The Monkey Says: They are not on the 40-man roster. Hester isn't going anywhere, but it is possible that Rapada might have an opt-out in his contract for some time in the future.

The Story: Raul Ibanez got to play first base yesterday.

The Monkey Says: But he had to get his glove back from his 12-year old son first. By the way, how big must his son's hands be at that age to be able to wear that glove? I digress. The Halos also recently took a look at Calhoun at first, so it seems they are trying to figure out a back-up plan for Pujols. Carlos Pena seemed like the logical fit, but he hasn't done much this spring to suggest he has a lot left in the tank.

The Story: Ernesto Frieri is looking for the right intro song.

The Monkey Says: And here I was thinking that he might be more concerned with developing a secondary pitch that he can actually throw for a strike. Nice to see that he has his priorities straight.

The Story: The anatomy of the Trout vs. Darvish matchup.

The Monkey Says: I love that Darvish takes it so seriously and think about it so much. It makes for a great rivalry.

The Story: Do the Angels have enough starting pitching?

The Monkey Says: No. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Even if nobody gets hurt, there is a chance they don't have enough because Richards, Skaggs and, to a lesser extent, Santiago are such unknown quantities.

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