Halo Headlines: Angels invite 20 to spring training, Skaggs talks Tommy John rehab

The December 26th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels invite 20 to spring training, Skaggs talks Tommy John rehab and much more…

The Story: The Angels invited 20 non-roster players to spring training.
The Monkey Says: Most of which we already knew. The most prominent name to watch will be Alex Yarbrough who should at least get dark horse consideration for the opening at second base.

The Story: Tyler Skaggs talks about his ongoing recovery from Tommy John surgery.
The Monkey Says: And “good weight” because Alden Gonzalez is apparently fat-shaming him (I’m kidding, sort of). It sounds like Skaggs has a good mindset, but he’s still a long ways away from any real point where we can gauge how soon he’ll return and how effective he’ll be.

The Story: The Angels released Shawn O’Malley.
The Monkey Says: Curious. They took a shine to him last season, but just straight released him this week rather than DFAing him and trying to outright him to the minors.

The Story: A Christmas gift for each AL team.
The Monkey Says: For the Angels it is “a healthy and productive Josh Hamilton.” That’s not a Christmas gift, that’s a freaking Christmas miracle.

The Story: By any measure, Trout’s 2014 season was one for the ages.
The Monkey Says: This is nothing but a holiday season installment of Trout porn.

The Story: Examining the projected team defenses.
The Monkey Says: The Angels are down, which has a lot to do with Howie Kendrick being gone. I know a lot of folks think his loss will hurt the offense, but I’m much more concerned about the defense. Howie was a strong defender and not one of the guys they have on the roster right now even look like average defenders, except maybe Featherston who is as unproven as they come.

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