Halo Headlines: Angels leaning towards one-year deal for SP, sign Carlos Pena and Brennan Boesch

The January 29th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels leaning towards one-year deal for a starting pitcher, sign Carlos Pena and Brennan Boesch to minor league deals and much more…

The Story: The Angels are leaning towards signing a starting pitcher that will accept a one-year deal.

The Monkey Says: As I wrote yesterday, that makes a lot of sense as it frees them up to make a much bigger signing next offseason. I like the idea of the Angels rolling the dice on Hammel and hoping he can recapture some of his 2012 magic.

The Story: The Angels signed Carlos Pena and Brennan Boesch to a minor league contracts with invitations to spring training.

The Monkey Says: Dipoto continues to stockpile reserve veteran talent. Assuming there are no injury concerns we are unaware, Dipoto seems to just be trying to build depth with veterans since there aren't any prospects on the way at most positions. Both Pena and Boesch are left-handed, so neither fits as a platoonmate for Ibanez, but they still could win the final bench role. Pena, in particular, stands a good chance to make the roster as he is a quality defender at first base, so he could spell Pujols on the days he needs to DH.

The Story: Who is faster: Mike Trout or Peter Bourjos?

The Monkey Says: This needs to be put to bed once and for all. I'll get a Kickstarter fund going to see if we can't make this happen.

The Story: How productive would Mike Trout be with just average speed?

The Monkey Says: Wait 15 years and we should find out more conclusively.

The Story: Keith Law ranked the Angels farm system as the second-worst in the league.

The Monkey Says: Huzzah for progress!

The Story: A sneak preview of Albert Pujols' upcoming appearance on Sesame Street.

The Monkey Says: Acting! Suffice it to say that Albert will not be retiring early to pursue a career on screen and stage.

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