Halo Headlines: Angels ‘not done getting better,’ scouting Taylor Featherston

The December 12th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels Angels ‘not done getting better,’ scouting Taylor Featherston and much more…

The Story: The Angels are “not done getting better.”
The Monkey Says: So says Dipoto, but he also says he doesn’t see anything big coming and has no “immediate” plans to engage free agents. He specifically shot down any interest in Jed Lowrie and Asdrubal Cabrera.

The Story: The Angels are not likely to make anymore moves.
The Monkey Says: Same quotes, different beat reporter, different conclusion. It is almost like Dipoto’s vague statements are open to interpretation on purpose or something.

The Story: A look at the Rule 5 draft picks, including Taylor Featherston.
The Monkey Says: What is underrated about him is the number of times he will be called Tyler Featherstone.

The Story: The Angels also Chris Curley, Pedro Ruiz and Kentrail Davis in the minor league portions of the Rule 5 draft.
The Monkey Says: Never heard of them but I am curious what the derivation of the name Kentrail is.

The Story: Grading the trades and signings from the Winter Meetings.
The Monkey Says: The Angels get downgraded for making a salary dump, which is hard to ignore. It is kind of the smoking gun of the trade. Getting Heaney was great and all, but I have a hard time believing the Angels didn’t create that financial breathing room for a reason. Also, it is only short-term financial relief, so there is only value in having it this year. They’d be foolish not to use it, but I also am not sure what their intended use might be.

The Story: Adding Andrew Heaney is about about sustainability for the Angels.
The Monkey Says: Contending while getting younger is pretty hard to pull off, but Dipoto is doing the best he can. Someone get that man a contract extension.

The Story: Howie Kendrick issues a farewell to the Angels and their fans via Instagram.
The Monkey Says: Say it with me now, “class act.”

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