Halo Headlines: Angels not interested in Suk-Min Yoon, Halo rotation ranked 19th best

The February 6th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels not interested in Suk-Min Yoon, Halo rotation ranked 19th best and much more…

The Story: The Angels have shown no interest in Korean pitcher Suk-Min Yoon.

The Monkey Says: This has upset some because apparently the Angels are obligated to inquire on every single free agent pitcher. What needs to be considered is that there are plenty of reports suggesting both that Yoon is likely to wind up in the bullpen but also dealing with arm problems. As a result, the Angels have a lot of reasons to no be interested in signing him. So, you know, back off.

The Story: The Angels are ranked as having the 19th best rotation in baseball.

The Monkey Says: Top 20! Woohoo! /theme song to The Jeffersons begins to play

The Story: At $1.83 million, the Angels spent the second-lowest amount on international amateurs.

The Monkey Says: But they did make some significant signings. This probably isn't a trend that will continue as the Angels are in the process of starting a new complex in the Dominican and have been rebuilding their international scouting department. I'd expect them to ramp up quite a bit next season.

The Story: Looking at the Angels bullpen headed into Spring Training.

The Monkey Says: I don't know if the bullpen is quite talented enough to be an actual strength, but it sure should be better than last year. It almost can't help but be better. For it to become a strength though, they need a full, healthy season from Sean Burnett, more consistency from Ernesto Frieri and probably one of Jepsen, Kohn or Salas to step up as a reliable middle reliever so that Scioscia doesn't have to work Dane De La Rosa to death again.

The Story: Keith Law puts Kaleb Cowart on his list of players who just missed the top 100.

The Monkey Says: Law had Cowart and Sanchez ranked above Taylor Lindsey, but I just assumed it was because he didn't like Lindsey. Every other list had Lindsey as the Angels' best prospect with Cowart either second or third. Clearly Law is not scared off by Kaleb's disappointing season in 2013, which probably puts him in the minority.

The Story: Projections for the Angels starting infield.

The Monkey Says: Interesting. I seriously doubt Iannetta catches 115 games but it is mildly refreshing to see that not everyone is just assuming Albert Pujols is going to rebound back to All-Star form this season.

The Story: A look at offensive efficiency for teams.

The Monkey Says: By the wRC measure, the Angels are very inefficient and left a lot of runs on the table. However, the baserunners scoring methodology was a little more forgiving, putting them in the middle of the back in the American League.

The Story: The All-Time Angels Single-Season Greatness Roster.

The Monkey Says: Why not have 2012 Mike Trout and 2013 Mike Trout on the roster?

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