Halo Headlines: Angels select Sean Newcomb and Joey Gatto on first day of draft, will Green be demoted?

The June 6th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels select Sean Newcomb and Joey Gatto on first day of draft, will Green be demoted and much more…

The Story: The Angels selected LHP Sean Newcomb with their first round pick.
The Monkey Says: As I mentioned in the news item yesterday, this was a real coup for the Angels as Newcomb is a top ten talent who fell to them at #15. He should move quickly through the system with some suggesting he could reach the bigs as a reliever this season (though I doubt that) or as a starter in the second half of 2015. Yep, the Angels sure could use some pitching. Good work, Ric Wilson. And by good work I mean congrats on having a player fall in your lap.

The Story: The Angels selected Joey Gatto with their second round pick.
The Monkey Says: The Halos went with a high school arm as they took more of a risk with their second round pick, a luxury afforded to them by getting more of a safe selection in Newcomb. He’s definitely a project and someone the Angels might have to work hard to sign as he is committed to North Carolina. But, he is from New Jersey (with a stereotypical Jersey name to match) and that has worked out well for the Angels in recent years, if I recall.

The Story: Guessing at which position player will be demoted today.
The Monkey Says: Well, probably today. The Angels want to get back to carry seven relievers, so either Cron, Green or Ibanez has to go. I don’t think they’ll dump Ibanez until they have a similar lefty bat added to replace him, thus I agree with Fletcher that Green will be the one to go. I’ve felt that way all along since Cron’s power is just too appealing and because Green probably does need to play more often. We will see what happens.

The Story: Will Albert Pujols benefit from having Josh Hamilton hitting behind him?
The Monkey Says: Doubtful. Research shows that lineup protection is barely a thing. The league is already being plenty careful with Albert. What he needs is more BABIP luck, not more protection.

The Story: A look at the impact Cam Bedrosian can make now that he’s been called up.
The Monkey Says: The top reliever in front of Smith and Frieri is wide open and Bedrosian has as good a shot at it as anyone right now. It actually might be an upset if he doesn’t move into that role by the end of the month as they really are desperate to have someone take that role by the horns.

The Story: Garrett Richards and Tyler Skaggs are two of the prominent late bloomers of 2014.
The Monkey Says: I agree with Richards, but Skaggs? He’s 22. How is that late? He just had one bad season last year because the D’Backs messed with his mechanics.

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