Halo Headlines: Angels show trade interest in Price, Hammel several relievers, Newcomb expected to sign close to deadline

The June 26th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels show trade interest in Price, Hammel several relievers, Newcomb expected to sign close to the deadline and much more…

The Story: The Angels are exploring several bullpen trade options.
The Monkey Says: Dipoto all but promises a trade and seems reluctant to just go with Hector Santiago in the bullpen because it weakens their rotation depth. We can now add Jonathan Papelbon, Antonio Bastardo and Jim Johnson to their list of potential trade targets.

The Story: The Angels are expected to be suitors for Huston Street and Joaquin Benoit.
The Monkey Says: Benoit should be cheaper than Street and probably just as effective. Either would be huge upgrades for the Angels.

The Story: David Price and Jason Hammel have both drawn the Angels’ interest.
The Monkey Says: As I’ve been saying all along, the Halos can’t afford price, but they can totally afford Hammel. In fact, they looked at signing Hammel last winter but either backed off or got outbid by the Cubs.

The Story: The Angels are confident they will sign first-round pick Sean Newcomb.
The Monkey Says: The slow negotiations seem to be coming from Newcomb’s side, likely because he worked a lot of innings in college and wants the rest. He has every motivation to sign, so expect it to happen, just not until close to the July 18th deadline.

The Story: Grant Green is not supplanting David Freese at third base.
The Monkey Says: Freese is showing signs of life, but the fact that this article even needed to be written shows that he might be running out of leash. The OBP numbers are there since Freese came off the DL, but since he isn’t a defensive asset, he needs to start driving the ball to provide any real value over what Green can provide.

The Story: Mike Trout a hit even when he misses.
The Monkey Says: This is just pure unadulterated Trout porn.

The Story: A review of the Angels’ announcing crew.
The Monkey Says: To save you the trouble, they really like Rojas, as do I. I think they really nail the problems Gubicza has, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say I want to see Rojas fly solo. I think they just need to find someone more on Victor’s wavelength, perhaps with a dry wit as opposed to the cheesy demeanor of Gubi.

The Story: Garrett Richards has been finding success pitching inside with his fastball this month.
The Monkey Says: An intersting adjustment that Richards must’ve made after he hit the rough patch in May. Even if it doesn’t last, it is good to see that Richards is willing to make adjustments.

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