Halo Headlines: Angels still looking for pitching, project the outfielders performance

The February 10th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels still looking for pittching, project the outfielders performance and much more…

The Story: The Angels are still looking to add another starting pitcher, but their options are dwindling with Paul Maholm signing with the Dodgers.

The Monkey Says: And Chris Capuano is being pursued by Baltimore now, too. Maholm got a pretty team-friendly deal with the Dodgers, so if the Halos are just waiting out the market to get a cheap deal, I'd say they've waited long enough. However, it seems increasingly likely that they are perhaps hoping to add someone on a minor league contract so that they aren't on the hook for much money if Mulder or Skaggs wins the fifth starter spot. That means they could take a chance on a recovering from injury player like Jeff Karstens, or wait until a guy like Joe Saunders or Jake Westbrook gives in and takes a minor league deal. It is also entirely possible that they wait things out until towards the end of spring training and trade for someone who is out of options and about to be DFA'd by their team.

The Story: Projecting the Angels outfielders in 2014.

The Monkey Says: An 11.6 win season for Trout might just be a tad excessive. Also, if all of these outfielder projections come through, the Angels will score all of the runs. Every single one of them.

The Story: How each general manager might describe their path to a World Series title.

The Monkey Says: So if they don't win, they we get to blame Grover, right? Right.

The Story: Should the Angels be concerned about Jered Weaver?

The Monkey Says: You mean we weren't already concerned?

The Story: Matt Long is the #27 prospect for AngelsWin.

The Monkey Says: Long is also a dark horse to a bench job as he can play the whole outfield plus second base and runs well.

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