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Halo Headlines: Angels using metrics for defensive shifts, has Mike Trout already peaked?

The April 4th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels using metrics for defensive shifts, has Mike Trout already peaked and much more…

The Story: A look at how the Angels are using advanced metrics to influence their defensive positioning.
The Monkey Says: This is a big step forward for the Angels. Once they get this locked down, maybe they can turn their analytic lens to help Scioscia make better bullpen choices.

The Story: Has Mike Trout already peaked?
The Monkey Says: The given answer is “probably not.” That was a lot of ink to spill to come to that conclusion when I think it is pretty clear to see that there just isn’t enough comparative data to ever reach any real conclusion one way or the other.

The Story: Mike Trout, when it is all said and done.
The Monkey Says: This is a long read, but it is pretty much pure unadulterated Trout porn, so it is worth the time.

The Story: Constructing the best possible baseball team from current players.
The Monkey Says: Mike Trout is included… duh. I can’t really argue too much with any of the other choices either, so this is decidedly agreeable. ESPN would hate it.

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