Halo Headlines: Baylor breaks his femur, Guerrero retires as an Angel

The April 2nd, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Baylor breaks his femur, Guerrero retires as an Angel and much more…

The Story: Don Baylor needed surgery after breaking his femur catching the ceremonial first pitch on Opening Day.

The Monkey Says: That’s not the way you want to start the season. Baylor is already clamoring to get back to work, but needs to wait until he can navigate the dugout on crutches first. Until he is healthy, Paul Sorrento will assist Dave Hansen with hitting coach duties.

The Story: Vladimir Guerrero signed a one-day contract so he could retire as an Angel.

The Monkey Says: Not that he could sign a contract like that with the Expos, but this bodes well for the odds of Vlad being inducted to the Hall of Fame as an Angel rather than an Expo.

The Story: Three Mariners got stabbed in a fight between Angels and Dodgers fans.

The Monkey Says: Jeebus, people, it is an exhibition game!

The Story: Brennan Boesch will not use the “soft out” in his contract.

The Monkey Says: That means the Angels get to stash him in the minors in case they need him.

The Story: The Angels rank dead last in terms of relative popularity in search requests compared to TV market size.

The Monkey Says: Silver astutely points out that the Angels might have wonky data due to the many different permutations of their team name. Heck, even some of the most respected baseball sites on the internet still frequently refer to them as the Anaheim or California Angels.

The Story: Mike Scioscia has 12/1 odds to be the first manager fired this season according to oddsmakers.

The Monkey Says: Even if you think Scioscia could be fired, I have a very hard time seeing him get fired mid-season. Moreno seems to have too much respect for him to do that barring an outright catastrophic start to the season.

The Story: Could this be the Angels’ year?

The Monkey Says: Sure, it could be just about anyone’s years though. I seriously doubt that they have enough pitching talent to succeed in the post-season, but so often it is just getting hot at the right time, so the trick is just getting a playoff berth, which I think they can do.

The Story: Mike Trout continues his dominance against pitches low and inside.

The Monkey Says: Just ask Felix Hernandez, he’ll tell ya.

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