Halo Headlines: Burnett throws real bullpen session, Blanton finds success with adjustment

The March 14th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Burnett throws real bullpen session, Blanton finds success with adjustment and much more…

The Story: Sean Burnett threw an actual, real bullpen session on Thursday.

The Monkey Says: Another step forward, but the real test with these things is always how he feels the next day. If things are OK, he could advance to live BP sessions next week.

The Story: Joe Blanton found success in his last outing by moving to the third base side of the rubber.

The Monkey Says: Allegedly. I still think Texas very cleverly failed to hit on purpose in order to fool the Angels into keeping Blanton on the roster. I'm telling you, its sabotage!

The Story: Mike Trout stays focused after two incredible seasons.

The Monkey Says: In case you haven't swooned over how awesome Mike Trout is in awhile.

The Story: Ernesto Frieri, Kevin Jepsen and Andrew Romine are the only Angels who are out of options.

The Monkey Says: Frieri isn't in danger and, sadly, neither is Jepsen. Romine might want to make sure he's got a moving van reserved for the end of March.

The Story: John McDonald has been sharing his veteran wisdom.

The Monkey Says: Which is a big reason why the Angels signed him and a big reason I think he will beat out Andrew Romine for the utility infielder spot.

The Story: Who is Matt Long?

The Monkey Says: #FreeMattLong

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