Halo Headlines: De La Rosa suffers setback, Angels using unique closer combination

The May 15th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including De La Rosa suffers setback, Angels using unique closer combination and much more…

The Story: Dane De La Rosa has had his rehab stint shutdown after a setback.
The Monkey Says: This is getting weird. De La Rosa’s velocity reportedly has not come all the way back and he was sent back to California for an MRI, but Scioscia didn’t know on which body part. He’s had elbow and shoulder problems this year, so it might be time to brace for the worst.

The Story: Mike Scioscia is using Joe Smith and Ernesto Frieri in a saber-friendly closer combination.
The Monkey Says: SQUUEEEEEEEE!!! I’m so excited for this and can’t believe Scioscia is the guy to implement it. I’ll explain it more in Second-Guessing Scioscia tomorrow, but I think this is a tremendous step forward.

The Story: Has Mike Trout become mortal?
The Monkey Says: This slump is certainly garnering a lot of attention. I sure hope that Acta’s claim of Trout having a mechanical flaw is the reason, because that is likely easily correctable. In fact, Trout claimed he started crouching a bit more in the Philly series so he would use his legs more, so let’s hope that works.

The Story: A closer look at Mike Trout’s contact woes.
The Monkey Says: Add more fuel to the “Trout can’t hit stuff up in the zone” fire.

The Story: Hector Santiago wants another shot at the rotation.
The Monkey Says: His quotes are all over the place, but it certainly sounds like Santiago is still not totally on board with his demotion. What Santiago needs to do is pitch well in relief to earn back some trust from the coaching staff. He probably needs Matt Shoemaker to pitch poorly as well. I know he has only made two abbreviated starts in his career, but he’s looked solid in both, so the Halos might just ride him until the wheels fall off.

The Story: Garrett Richards is starting to make sense.
The Monkey Says: This is great info on how Richards has made such a big leap forward this season. That is good for you, but sucks for me because I was going to write on this topic today, but I can’t beat Jeff Sullivan.

The Story: Mike Trout’s hometown fans take their loyalty on the road.
The Monkey Says: We get it. Millville loves Trout.

The Story: What is Mike Trout allergic to?
The Monkey Says: I really want it to be monkeys but the evidence right now certainly suggest that it is baseballs.

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