Halo Headlines: Garza was on vacation when the Angels made their offer, Dipoto content with current rotation

The February 18th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Garza was on vacation when the Angels made their offer, Dipoto content with current rotation and much more…

The Story: Matt Garza didn't respond to the Angels' contract offer because he was on vacation.

The Monkey Says: Everyone comes out looking a little stupid on this, but I wouldn't blame the Angels too much. Unless they pulled the offer thinking the vacation thing was just an excuse to drag things out (which it might've been), then it seems more likely that Garza's agent didn't properly communicate the situation to them. Also, Garza probably should have been smarter than to schedule a vacation where he wouldn't answer his phone in the middle of the Winter Meetings, which is the prime time for free agents of his caliber to start getting contract offers.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto sounds content to move forward with the crop of starting pitchers already on the roster.

The Monkey Says: Or so he says, I don't really believe it. At a minimum, the Angels almost have to sign someone to a minor league deal, maybe even two guys. For a bigger name, they can certainly wait until mid-season to make a trade but right now they need to make sure they have enough warm bodies.

The Story: Ernesto Frieri is working on developing his changeup.

The Monkey Says: I really get annoyed with Frieri's pitch tinkering when he should be focusing on command. However, a changeup can be much more lethal for him than his lousy cutter. His breaking ball hasn't proven to be a big weapon either, so a changeup might be just what he needs to keep batters honest on his fastball. We will have to wait and see if it is as "nasty" as he thinks it is.

The Story: Sean Burnett stepped his throwing program out to 90 feet yesterday.

The Monkey Says: That's progress, but he is still weeks away from throwing off a mound.

The Story: The Angels have a bevy of left-handed relievers competing for a roster spot.

The Monkey Says: It definitely sounds as if the Halos will carry two lefties on Opening Day, but maybe not once they get confidence in Sean Burnett's health. Moran is the frontrunner for the spot, but if Scioscia really wants someone who is more than a specialist, Nick Maronde could by the perfect fit if he has a strong camp and allays concerns about him that cropped up last season.

The Story: Tyler Skaggs and Hector Santiago need to step up to fill the holes in the rotation.

The Monkey Says: They have no choice now. Management has been talking up Skaggs as if a rotation spot was his to lose already, so he'd really have to screw it up now. Santiago though, I still have a sneaking suspicion that they would rather use him as a swingman if only they had the depth to do so.

The Story: Versatility will be the key to Grant Green making the roster.

The Monkey Says: No, it won't. He needs to hit. The versatility helps, but if he doesn't hit, the Angels have no use for him. The bench needs a guy who can make a difference with the bat, especially from the right side. Green is guy best-suited for that role, but if he doesn't hit, he'll lose his spot to Carlos Pena or Collin Cowgill or whichever NRI veteran has a strong spring.

The Story: Supporting the idea of the Angels moving to Tustin.

The Monkey Says: I honestly don't know the Tustin area at all, so I can't comment. What I do know is that leaving the Big A would not be the worst thing. It is a nice stadium, but there is nothing special about it or the area in which it resides. If the Angels can move elsewhere, improve the fan experience and make more money in the process, I'm completely on board.

The Story: Projecting the Angels starting rotation.

The Monkey Says: This seems like an ideal time to mention that our annual player projection series starts Wednesday of next week. Gird your loins. As for these, I think the projections for Weaver and Santiago are far too rosy.

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