Halo Headlines: grading the Winter Meetings, Hamilton needs to step up

The December 15th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including grading the Winter Meetings, Hamilton needs to step up and much more…

The Story: Grading each team’s moves at the Winter Meetings.
The Monkey Says: The Angels get a “B” since they gave up a fan favorite and probably got a little bit worse in 2015. That’s still a passing grade, so I’ll take it, especially since it impacts me in no way whatsoever.

The Story: With Howie Kendrick gone, the Angels need Josh Hamilton more than ever.
The Monkey Says: I still don’t think that is all that true. The Angels had a top offense last year, so they can afford a drop off at one position and still be pretty good. They don’t need Hamilton to return to form so much as not completely crater. Other guys like David Freese and C.J. Cron can help cover for Howie’s absence by stepping their games up this year.

The Story: The Angels and Dodgers are trying to find a balance between future and present needs.
The Monkey Says: It isn’t easy, but teams are trying to find a way to keep fresh young talent rolling through the roster while still contending. The Angels and Dodgers look to be doing a great job thus far, but they also haven’t won a playoff series either, so, your mileage may vary.

The Story: Andrew Heaney recalls his whirlwind night of trades.
The Monkey Says: I can’t decide if he is too young to realize how crazy it all was or incredibly mature so as to be able to handle it all with such good humor.

The Story: Andrew Heaney was the top prospects traded during the Winter Meetings.
The Monkey Says: That’s kind of a pointless ranking, but the real point of this is that you get a bit of a scouting profile on Heaney. The more info the better.

The Story: Steamer projections for the Rule 5 draft picks.
The Monkey Says: Featherston doesn’t hit much according to the projections, but he is worth just less than one win, which means he would’ve been worthwhile enough to keep around the whole season.

The Story: Scouting each of the Rule 5 draft picks.
The Monkey Says: Another kind of view on Featherston, but it still pretty much reads the same way.

The Story: The Rutledge-Diaz trade is a one of the Winter Meeting moves that slipped through the cracks.
The Monkey Says: It is decidedly annoying that Jairo Diaz could end up closing for the Rockies, but Rutledge looks like a mistake waiting to happen. Unless the Halos think they can unlock something with him at the plate and/or clean up his defense to make him a more competent fielder, I just don’t see how Rutledge is going to be much more than a replacement level player.

The Story: Wade LeBlanc signed in Japan with the Seibu Lions.
The Monkey Says: So long, Wade. You go get that money.

The Story: Kaleb Cowart isn’t giving up yet.
The Monkey Says: Key word being “yet.” If he tanks again this season, he’s either going to have to give up on being a hitter or the Angels might just give up on him.

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