Halo Headlines: Grant Green called up, Angels talking about stadium in Irvine

The May 2nd, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Grant Green called up, Mike Trout already in AL MVP race and much more…

The Story: The Angels called up utilityman Grant Green and demoted Yoslan Herrera.
The Monkey Says: Green is coming up and he figures to be coming up so he can play. He makes a lot of sense as at least a platoon bat, but my guess is he will be put in left field more or less everyday with Shuck and Cowgill sharing right field. It is also possible that Green might replace Ibanez against lefties as DH or by letting someone else DH since Green can also play short, second and third. As for Herrera, he might be back at some point, but that terrible inning he had in his last appearance clearly obliterated any confidence Scioscia might have had in him.

The Story: The Angels are in talks with a developer regarding building a stadium in Irvine.
The Monkey Says: I told you this would happen. Let the pissing match round 4 begin.

The Story: Mike Trout currently ranks as the #2 AL MVP candidate according to Sports Illustrated.
The Monkey Says: I think that was just done to troll Angels fans. Bautista is off to a great start, but he isn’t hitting that much better than Trout who provides more defensive and baserunning value which is why Trout leads all of baseball in WAR again. Hmm, that sounds like a familiar mantra. Anyway, handicapping the AL MVP at the end of April is kind of pointless.

The Story: Michael Roth cleared waivers and will return to the Arkansas Travelers.
The Monkey Says: It is good the Angels get to keep him in the organization, but he is going to have to earn back some faith in his abilities.

The Story: Joe Smith says pitching the ninth inning is more fun.
The Monkey Says: I, for one, definitely have more fun when Joe Smith pitches the ninth inning as compared to the ulcer-inducing experience it becomes when Frieri is pitching in the ninth inning.

The Story: What a strong run differential means to the Angels’ post-season chances.
The Monkey Says: The real question is whether or not the run differential is sustainable. If it is, they should be in good shape, even with the bullpen issues. If not, then it is pretty obvious that they won’t be in good shape.

The Story: The Trout vs. Harper debate is ancient history.
The Monkey Says: As well it should be. In fact, it never should’ve been a thing to begin with.

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