Halo Headlines: Green nearing rehab assignment, Thatcher still not throwing, support system not the problem for Hamilton

The August 20th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Green nearing rehab assignment, Thatcher still not throwing, support system not the problem for Hamilton and much more…

The Story: Grant Green is nearing a rehab assignment, but Joe Thatcher still isn’t throwing off a mound.
The Monkey Says: Green would be nice to have in the DH mix and as flexibility off the bench, but that will have to wait until roster expand in September. Thatcher probably won’t be ready until then either, possibly not even until a week or two into the month.

The Story: The Angels insist Josh Hamilton’s support system isn’t the problem.
The Monkey Says: It is annoying that he has to defend that part of his life, but I guess it is part of the deal when you are a recovering addict. The issue, plain and simple, is that Hamilton really sucks at pitch selection and always has. Now, however, his talent has eroded enough that he can’t get away with it as much as he used to.

The Story: Should you be concerned about the Angels?
The Monkey Says: No, no team is perfect and they certainly aren’t firing on all cylinders right now, but they are still winning. The Halos were smart enough to address as many of their flaws as possible so that when one part of the team struggles, the rest can pick them up. The offense is a bit off right now, but the rotation (and the soft schedule) have bailed them out. Earlier in the season, it was the other way around.

The Story: The remaining schedule does the Angels no favors.
The Monkey Says: The lack of off-days is a concern for a bullpen that is starting to get overworked, but that is counterbalanced by the fact that they actually have one of the easiest remaining schedules left out of all the AL contenders, so let’s not go throwing a pity party just yet.

The Story: Matt Shoemaker and Hector Santiago have given the Angels a boost.
The Monkey Says: It really is unbelievable, and probably lucky, too. Rotation depth was a huge concern entering the season, but these two have somehow helped cover up the loss of Skaggs, the huge slump of Wilson and the steady decline of Weaver. I don’t even get how it has worked, but it has.

The Story: Mike Trout is the clear favorite for the AL MVP.
The Monkey Says: There is some growing sentiment around Alex Gordon and Felix Hernandez right now, but this list excludes both. Not that this is the standard, but it illustrates how much of the traditional element in the BBWAA doesn’t really even consider a defense-driven candidate like Gordon or a pitcher who isn’t having a historically good season.

The Story: Halos Heaven’s Second-Half prospect list, #11-20.
The Monkey Says: Shhh! We weren’t supposed to tell anyone about Jairo Diaz.

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