Halo Headlines: Grilli signs with Braves, Angels release several minor leaguers

The December 29th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Grilli signs with Braves, Angels release several minor leaguers and much more…

The Story: Jason Grilli signed a two-year, $8 million contract with the Atlanta Braves.
The Monkey Says: That’s now two middle relievers the Angels are down from last season. They have plenty of depth, but still, Jepsen and Grilli were pretty good for them. Granted, Grilli is in for a major regression since that whole “not allowing any homers” thing is just not sustainable for him.

The Story: The Angels released pitcher Brooks Raley and infielder Wendell Soto.
The Monkey Says: This is just housekeeping. It is a really slow news day. But it is also totally cool that the Angels released these guys on Christmas Eve.

The Story: The Angels released pitchers Zak Miller, Spencer Trygg and catchers Nick O’Laughlin, Cambric Moye and Enyelber Vivas.
The Monkey Says: At least one of those names have to be made up. Also, more Christmas Eve releases. Jerry Dipoto is the Grinch.

The Story: Do stars and scrubs lineups actually work?
The Monkey Says: Turns out they do. I’ll let you draw your own conclusion for why I included this in this batch of Angels news.

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