Halo Headlines: Hamilton bulks up to 235 pounds, Trout had one of most well-rounded seasons ever

The January 22nd, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Hamilton bulks up 235 pounds, Trout had one of most well-rounded seasons ever and much more…

The Story: Josh Hamilton is already at 235 pounds in his quest to bulk up this offseason.

The Monkey Says: He is eating gluten-free and doing a heavy weight routine. It must be working as he has already gained 18 pounds since the end of last season.

The Story: Mike Trout's 2012 season was one of the most well-rounded player seasons of all time.

The Monkey Says: It is kind of funny to remember that Barry Bonds was once a speedy guy and a high end defender.

The Story: It appears that Grant Green and Collin Cowgill are set to battle it out for the final spot on the Angel bench.

The Monkey Says: Andrew Romine and John McDonald will batter for one of the other undetermined spots. The Green-Cowgill spot is more intriguing though as that player stands to pick up semi-regular ABs at DH against left-handed pitching. The problem is that neither is exactly a high quality offensive option. I still think the Halos will find a way to bring in a bat-first right-handed player to compete for a platoon spot with Ibanez. I have no idea who they are targeting, but would like to see them target John Mayberry.

The Story: Want to buy Jered Weaver's house?

The Monkey Says: Well, you are too late because it is in escrow. Besides, I'm betting there aren't very many of you who can actually afford it. But you are all welcome to look at it with envy.

The Story: The LA Angels' winter report card.

The Monkey Says: You almost have to give them an incomplete because they still need to add another starter and possibly a right-handed DH option, as previously mentioned. There is a big grade difference between landing Tanaka, Garza or Paul Maholm.

The Story: Should the Angels extend David Freese?

The Monkey Says: Not if it extends beyond his arbitration years. There is nothing wrong with cost certainty, but given that he is coming off a down season and has been dealing with back problems, there is a lot of risk involved. I'd be inclined to ride this year out and revisit the topic next winter.

The Story: Debating signing Matt Garza

The Monkey Says: Honestly, this is impossible to truly answer until the contract details are involved. Signing Garza for three years is far more palatable than five years and that alone can tip the scales on this one.

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