Halo Headlines: Haren hoping for a trade to Angels, Anaheim a potential landing spot for Shields?

The December 23rd, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Haren hoping for a trade to Angels, Anaheim a potential landing spot for Shields and much more…

The Story: Dan Haren is still holding out hope for a trade to the Angels or Padres.
The Monkey Says: Unless the price is basically free, I don’t see how the Angels would have any interest. Even then I’m still not sure it makes much sense. The Angels have enough rotation options and Haren doesn’t appear to be obviously good enough to slot into the Opening Day rotation. The Halos are far more committed to getting their young arms into the rotation rather than trying to squeeze one more year out of a declining veteran.

The Story: The Angels are one of the likeliest landing spots for James Shields.
The Monkey Says: Not really. The Angels appear to be pretty much done for the offseason and have not been connected to Shields, or Scherzer for that matter, in any way shape or form. Bowden is just a shill and likes to lump in as many options as he can.

The Story: The AL West offseason is defined by minor moves.
The Monkey Says: Minor moves? The Mariners signed Nelson Cruz to a big deal. The Angels traded an All-Star in Howie Kendrick. And the A’s didn’t do a whole lot other than COMPLETELY BLOWING UP THEIR ENTIRE ROSTER. So, yeah, minor moves.

The Story: Cesar Ramos’ wife is a cancer survivor.
The Monkey Says: A very good story about one of the new Angels.

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