Halo Headlines: How will the Angels get by without Garrett Richards? edition

The August 22nd, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels: How will the Angels get by without Garrett Richards? edition!

The Story: Losing Garrett Richards doesn’t bury the Angels.
The Monkey Says: After everyone had a chance to calm down, this was the general consensus. There are certainly nuances involved, but the Angels should still make the post-season. They are just going to have a much tougher time actually winning the World Series. Right, Jonah Keri?

The Story: What Garrett Richards’s loss means for the Angels’ World Series hopes.
The Monkey Says: Thanks, Jonah. I knew you’d have my back. But just to be sure, I think we should ask someone at Fangraphs. Those guys know stuff.

The Story: How losing Garrett Richards affects the Angels playoff and World Series odds.
The Monkey Says: Yep, it all checks out. Playoffs are still a virtual certainty, but that is a big wet bite out of their World Series odds.

The Story: The Angels called up Cam Bedrosian and Wade LeBlanc, sending down Brennan Boesch.
The Monkey Says: LeBlanc will take Richards’ rotation spot, but is up now to provide a long relief option, just in case. Bedrosian is just up as an extra arm. He will likely be sent back down today to make room for newly acquired Gordon Beckham.

The Story: Jim Bowden would like to see the Angels trade for Bartolo Colon.
The Monkey Says: And I’d like to see Jim Bowden quit being such an asshat. The Colon suggestion is popular, but Bowden is the only one who doesn’t seem to understand that there is very little chance Colon will make it to the Angels on waivers without being blocked by another team.

The Story: The Angels have the bullpen best built for the pennant race.
The Monkey Says: Good, because they are really going to need lean on the bullpen extra hard with Richards out now.

The Story: Grading the potential MLB playoff match-ups.
The Monkey Says: Oh, God. Please don’t let the Angels face the Tigers. I can’t handle a whole series worth of Trout vs. Cabrera. I just can’t.

The Story: The Angels’ trade for David Freese and Fernando Salas is paying off.
The Monkey Says: Who knew? This looked like a bust at the beginning of the season, but Freese is slowly coming around and Salas has been pretty decent, especially after he came back from the DL with his shoulder problem. Meanwhile, Peter Bourjos has been an unqualified disaster for the Cardinals.

The Story: Albert Pujols will play in an All-Star series in Japan this November.
The Monkey Says: Great. Playing even more games and doing it on artificial turf is exactly what Pujols’ crumbling body needs.

The Story: Comparing the Angels to characters from The Simpsons.
The Monkey Says: There is no way Trout is Lisa. Nobody likes Lisa. Everybody likes Trout.

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