Halo Headlines: Huston Street thinks he’d look good in Angels uniform, Halos don’t think they can trade for David Price or Ian Kennedy

The July 17th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Huston Street thinks he’d look good in Angels uniform, Halos don’t think they can trade for David Price or Ian Kennedy and much more…

The Story: Huston Street thinks he’d look good in an Angels uniform.
The Monkey Says: I don’t know. He’s really more of an autumn and all that red really washes out his eyes. But seriously, folks. This is an interesting tidbit, but it has no impact on any trade for Street because where he wants to play doesn’t matter at all in this situation.

The Story: The Angels won’t trade players from their big league roster in exchange for David Price.
The Monkey Says: Which means they won’t be getting Price as it is very hard to see how they could build a package for him that doesn’t include Tyler Skaggs, C.J. Cron or both. Even that might not be good enough, but without those assets available, assuming Dipoto is telling the truth, they may not even be able to get Andrew Friedman to pick up the phone.

The Story: The Angels and Padres don’t “match up” on a trade involving Ian Kennedy.
The Monkey Says: But they are still talking about Street, so they clearly “match up” on some level, maybe not enough to get both player in one package though.

The Story: The Halos have asked the Padres about Tyson Ross.
The Monkey Says: That’s according to noted asshat Jim Bowden. One would think that if they don’t match up on Kennedy, they wouldn’t match up on Ross either. I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask though.

The Story: The Angels are nearing a deal with first round pick Sean Newcomb.
The Monkey Says: They have until Friday to do so, but they’ve expected it to happen all along.

The Story: Anaheim will not release details of a study on what it would cost to demolish Angel Stadium and build a new ballpark.
The Monkey Says: Mayor Tom Tait wanted it released but was stymied in that effort. That probably bodes well for the Angels since Tait has been the major (maybe even only) voice of opposition on working out a new lease agreement.

The Story: A Statcast look at Mike Trout’s triple in the All-Star Game.
The Monkey Says: Mike Trout. He is fast.

The Story: Albert Pujols has the least trade value in baseball.
The Monkey Says: Yeah, but… I got nothing.

The Story: Jonah Keri predicts Mike Trout will win the AL MVP and that the Angels will win the AL West.
The Monkey Says: The MVP is no surprise, but that’s a bit of a bold statement to predict a division crown for the Halos after the A’s have gotten so much love this season.

The Story: A brief update on Angels prospect Alex Yarbrough.
The Monkey Says: Yarbrough has a very aggressive approach but he is still producing even at Dickey-Stephens Park. The red flag for me is that his whiff rate has spiked to 22.3% this year.

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