Halo Headlines: Ibanez’s job in jeopardy, inside Trout’s contact problems

The May 14th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Ibanez’s job in jeopardy, inside Trout’s contact problems and much more…

The Story: Raul Ibanez’s job might be in jeopardy.
The Monkey Says: He already seems to have fallen into platoon with Cron and if C.J. keeps hitting, he might lose the DH gig altogether. It is doubtful that the Halos would release Ibanez though as he has always been successful as a pinch-hitter and his clubhouse presence is a big reason they signed him in the first place.

The Story: A look at Mike Trout’s contact problems.
The Monkey Says: As Trout said himself, the issue is just that he is swinging through pitches, not chasing balls out of the zone. It seems up-and-in is his weakness. That was originally the book on Trout, but he fixed it. Now it appears to be unfixed.

The Story: Mike Trout’s strikeouts are cause for concern.
The Monkey Says: Most everyone seems to think that he’ll work his way out of it, but this has definitely gone on longer than anyone could’ve expected.

The Story: Don Baylor could rejoin the Angels soon.
The Monkey Says: Oh, great, he’ll fix Trout. Problem solved!

The Story: Jonah Keri believes the Angels are poised to be contenders despite their middling record.
The Monkey Says: They really just need to get healthy and keep looking at ways to stabilize the bullpen. One of those is going to be easier than the other to actually pull off.

The Story: Mike Trout’s epic homecoming.
The Monkey Says: I know it is supposed to be a feel-good story, but how exactly does a local kid becoming a superstar make people feel better about a town ravaged by unemployment and crime? I’m pretty sure if I was broke, jobless and a victim of a crime, I wouldn’t just shrug it off and smile because a local kid made something of himself.

The Story: The Angels acquired pitcher Greg Billo from the Royals for cash.
The Monkey Says: This appears to just be a minor league depth move.

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