Halo Headlines: in-depth look at Angels player development, Blanton not a lock for the rotation

The February 19th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including in-depth look at Angels player development, Blanton not a lock for the rotation and much more…

The Story: An in-depth look at how the Angels are rebuilding their player development system.

The Monkey Says: I really can't wait for the inevitable backlash that Servais somehow got a hold of the Cardinals player development manual. Aside from that, this is a very intriguing and hopeful read. Now I am going to be really disappointed when gets fired after the season and the whole player development philosophy and personnel get changed over.

The Story: Joe Blanton is no lock for the Angels rotation.

The Monkey Says: Did anyone think he was? Even right after the Mulder injury, Scioscia made it fairly clear that the rotation spots were for Skaggs and Santiago to lose.

The Story: C.J. Wilson believes players reported to camp in better shape and working harder compared to last year.

The Monkey Says: That's an interesting observation and sure seems like a subtle way of calling guys out. Hopefully the hard work pays off with a fast start to the season for a change. Strangely enough, Jered Weaver says he believes camp is more subued this year due to the lack of expectations.

The Story: 200+ fans greeted Mike Trout at the airport when he arrived in Arizona on Monday night.

The Monkey Says: Note to famous athletes: it probably isn't a good idea to broadcast your travel itinerary on social media. Pro tip.

The Story: Carlos Pena signed with the Angels because he loves hitting at the Big A.

The Monkey Says: For a hitter, especially a left-handed slugger, to like the Big A is quite the rarity. I now openly question Carlos Pena's judgment. Then again, Pena has a career .942 OPS at Angel Stadium, his second-best mark out of any park where he has logged more than 50 plate appearances.

The Story: The Angels could be one of nine surprise playoff teams.

The Monkey Says: Nine? Really? There is only 30 teams in the league and 10 made the post-season last year. That's 19 teams that could make the post-season. Not exactly narrowing it down, Verducci. I also wouldn't call the Halos a "surprise" since everyone considered them such a disappointment for not making the playoffs the last four seasons.

The Story: Is Hector Santiago underrated?

The Monkey Says: Yes, FIP is not the bible, but it is a pretty good indicator. Walking that many batters is a red flag no matter how much stock you put in FIP. Getting out of U.S. Cellular will help Santiago some, but it won't do much to help him throw the ball over the plate.

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