Halo Headlines: Clark wants Pujols defamation lawsuit dismissed, Hamilton puts on 20 pounds

The January 15th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Clark wants Pujols defamation lawsuit dismissed, Hamilton puts on 20 pounds and much more…

The Story: Jack Clark filed to have the defamation suit lodged against him by Albert Pujols dismissed.

The Monkey Says: Clark is now pretending that when he said "juiced" that he also meant the use of legal supplements. OK, Jack. Whatever you say. I'm no lawyer, but I don't think this is going to get dismissed.

The Story: Josh Hamilton has regained 20 pounds this offseason in a hope to regain his lost power.

The Monkey Says: Most of the top prospects were invited, but the guys who actually have a chance of making the team are Mike Morin, Matt Long, Mark Mulder, Clay Rapada and Shawn O'Malley.

The Story: The Angels announced all of the non-roster spring training invites.

The Monkey Says: He infamously lost the weight last winter when he decided to go on a juice diet. It might be a coincidence, but he saw a major drop in his average flyball distance last year, so the bulk certainly can't hurt.

The Story: David Freese, Ernesto Frieri, Kevin Jepsen and Fernando Salas all fired for arbitration yesterday.

The Monkey Says: They have to exchange salary figures by Friday. They could settle all of those cases before that date. None of the four are expected to go to an actual hearing which wouldn't begin until some time in February. My guess is Frieri's case will be the most difficult to resolve.

The Story: The Masahiro Tanaka power rankings.

The Monkey Says: This was inevitable. Everyone is losing their minds around this pursuit. Thank goodness he has to make up his mind soon.

The Story: The latest Tanaka rumors suggest he could get upwards of $140 million.

The Monkey Says: That would be insanity, even if it is over seven or eight years and not the six years most expect him to sign for. This is what happens when the Yankees and Dodgers get into a bidding war, I guess.

The Story: Who needs Masahiro Tanaka the most?

The Monkey Says: Need doesn't translate to ability to sign, unfortunately as the Halos are right atop that particular leaderboard. The problem is they share that position with the Yankees and they have more money.

The Story: The Mike Trout All-Stars, a team of players making minimum salaries, for each division.

The Monkey Says: Trout and Calhoun are the only ones to make the AL West team. And you wonder why they struggle to be contenders. You just have to get cheap production to throve in this league, even with a big payroll.

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