Halo Headlines: Weaver’s back feeling better, Angels the only expansion team with .500 record

The July 9th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Weaver’s back feeling better, Angels the only expansion team with .500 record and much more…

The Story: Jered Weaver’s stiff back is feeling a lot better.
The Monkey Says: It sounds like he could be ready for his next start, but the Angels have been playing it safe with every injury this year, so it wouldn’t be a shock if they skip him and let him rest all the way through the All-Star break.

The Story: The Angels are the only expansion team with a .500 record for the life of the franchise.
The Monkey Says: Well, they were, for a whole day. Arizona reached it before them, but they are now under again, just like the Angels. When put in this context, it really makes it sound even more impressive. Hopefully the Angels are able to get back there and stay at .500 or better for the next, I don’t know, century? I don’t want to be greedy.

The Story: Grant Green was optioned with Cam Bedrosian called up to take his roster spot.
The Monkey Says: Green wasn’t being used anyway and the Angels needed an extra arm after Jered Weaver left his Monday start early. Bedrosian likely won’t be up for long unless he suddenly learned to throw strikes.

The Story: Make a final push for Garrett Richards in the All-Star Final Vote.
The Monkey Says: He is trailing Chris Sale and unlikely to overtake him, so vote if you want but it probably won’t do any good.

The Story: The biggest needs and assets of each contender.
The Monkey Says: As I suggested yesterday, turn to San Diego to do some one-stop shopping.

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