Halo Headlines: Joe Blanton retires, Sean Burnett to resume throwing

The April 15th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Joe Blanton retires, Sean Burnett to resume throwing and much more…

The Story: Joe Blanton is going to retire, probably.
The Monkey Says: He hasn’t officially retired, but has left his Triple-A team. Whatever his status is, the Angels won’t get any money back, so he can do whatever he likes. I don’t really care.

The Story: Sean Burnett will resume throwing after his swelling mysteriously went away.
The Monkey Says: Nobody knows why the swelling started or why it stopped. That inspires me with so much confidence that his rehab program will go smoothly from here on out.

The Story: The Angels are using the longball to fuel their offense.
The Monkey Says: This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Right now, the Angels lead the league in homers, but I don’t think many believe they can maintain quite this much power, especially without Hamilton. They have had a hard time scoring runs otherwise though. Going into Monday night, 33 of their 67 runs were scored via the homer, so they need to figure out other ways to score before the homers start drying up.

The Story: An early look at the Angel pitchers peripherals and Pitch F/X numbers.
The Monkey Says: Fun, a bit early for such stuff, but if we all waited until the point where sample sizes were big enough to be relevant, nobody would write anything for the first six weeks of the season, at least.

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