Halo Headlines: Joe Smith too busy puking to pitch, Angels pitchers still aren’t throwing strikes

The May 7th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Joe Smith too busy puking to pitch, Angels pitchers still aren’t throwing strikes and much more…

The Story: Joe Smith was too busy puking to enter the game for the save opportunity on Monday.
The Monkey Says: Thus explaining why he warmed up but didn’t enter the game. That vomit session may have inadvertently Wally Pipped him back into the setup role as Ernesto Frieri pitched well in his stead. This is still a big upgrade for the Halo bullpen which has been metaphorically throwing up all over the mound all season long.

The Story: Joe Smith was unavailable for Tuesday’s game due to tightness in his side.
The Monkey Says: Let’s hope it is just a day-to-day thing and not a full blown oblique strain, which would mean a DL stint. My favorite part of this story though is that Fletcher actually had a follow-up tweet to clarify that Smith did not suffer the side tightness as a result of barfing in the bullpen. Journalism!

The Story: Angels pitchers still aren’t throwing strikes.
The Monkey Says: ESPN SweetSpot ran a similar story the other week, thus my usage of “still.” Seeing how the pitchers have deviated from their career norms goes to show that regression should fix this soon, especially Weaver who seems to have ironed out his kinks. Santiago has a lot more fixing to do though. Let’s check back on this in a month.

The Story: Albert Pujols is happy to DH if it means staying healthy.
The Monkey Says: Hallelujah! Albert has seen the light. He was not too keen, if I recall correctly, on part-timing at DH last year even when his feet were revolting against him.

The Story: Kelly Johnson tagged Erick Aybar in the groin and held the tag there for a bit too long.
The Monkey Says: That GIF is hours of fun just because of how awkward it is and Aybar giving Johnson the slow look over as he realized what was happening.

The Story: The top Angels prospects performance of April.
The Monkey Says: This appears to be the reliever edition. So if you wanted to fawn over Cam Bedrosian and R.J. Alvarez some more, here is your chance.

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