Halo Headlines: Josh Hamilton continues to sit, Mike Trout’s baserunning slump

The August 19th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Josh Hamilton continues to sit, Mike Trout’s baserunning slump and much more…

The Story: Josh Hamilton got another “mental day off” yesterday.
The Monkey Says: It was his idea not play Sunday, but Monday it was Scioscia’s idea. However, Josh did offer to be put lower in the order. It seems likely that he’ll play today but it also sounds like that may be contingent on him having a good early BP session with Don Baylor this morning.

The Story: Mike Trout is also in a baserunning slump.
The Monkey Says: I have to admit, I knew about the steals, but not the lack of extra bases taken. Factor in as well that his fielding ratings are down and it really seems that Trout just isn’t capitalizing on his speed anymore for some reason. One issue not mentioned is that Trout dealt with some back and leg issues in the first half that might have cause him to run more conservatively, but it still doesn’t add up to him being a value neutral baserunner.

The Story: The All-time Angels beat the All-time Dodgers in a simulated series.
The Monkey Says: Thus providing a semi-conclusive ending to a debate that nobody was ever actually having.

The Story: Halos Heaven’s second half prospect list (#21-30).
The Monkey Says: Welcome to the first of what I am sure will be many debates about moving Kaleb Cowart to the mound.

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