Halo Headlines: latest on Angels’ pitching search, believing in Matt Shoemaker

The August 28th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including latest on Angels’ pitching search, believing in Matt Shoemaker and much more…

The Story: Jerry Dipoto acknowledges that the Angels aren’t in a good position to acquire pitching help.
The Monkey Says: Dipoto minces no words as he admits that the team doesn’t want to add much money but that the Halos don’t have the kind of talent to offer to compel another team to cover the money instead. He’s probably pleading poverty for leverage purposes a little bit, but he’s also painting a pretty accurate picture of the trade market.

The Story: The Angels have cooled on Bartolo Colon.
The Monkey Says: As have all teams, apparently. The money continues to be an issue for teams and the Mets are not in a position where they can carry much dead money, so it is making it very hard for them to find a trade partner.

The Story: There are mixed reports on the Angels’ interest in Trevor Cahill.
The Monkey Says: One report has him as the guy they really want, but other rumors suggest that they haven’t checked in on him in weeks. Whatever the case, the money is going to be an issue as well. However, given Cahill’s erratic performance (including getting shelled last night), the D’Backs might be willing to eat a lot of his contract.

The Story: The Angels and Tigers needn’t scramble for pitching help.
The Monkey Says: This is all I’ve been saying. Just have tandem starters or a bullpen day every fifth day. It may not lead to dominant outings, but it should really reduce the odds of another LeBlanc like shellacking. The only concern is overworking the bullpen as eventually some of the top relievers on the staff are going to have to mix in on these days.

The Story: What reasons are there to not believe in Matt Shoemaker?
The Monkey Says: I believe! I believe! Admittedly, I totally underestimated him before the season. Now though, he’s been good for a long enough stretch that even the most skeptical can’t just chalk it up to good luck. I still don’t know that I believe that he is 3.33 ERA good, but I have great confidence that he can have a long career as a #4 starter. This article points out how he is pitching like Kuroda but people fear he’s really Blanton in disguise. The safe bet is that his true talent is right in the middle of those two.

The Story: Josh Hamilton won the Lou Gehrig Memorial Award.
The Monkey Says: It is the word for the player that most exemplifies the giving character of Lou Gehrig. Hamilton is certainly a worthy recipient as he has been giving away at-bats all season long. Hi-yo!

The Story: C.J. Wilson talks about how he uses spin rates and arm angles.
The Monkey Says: Messing with arm angles seems like a good way to give your self command problems. The spin rate discussion is actually pretty insightful though. He’s clearly thinking and planning quite a bit out there, but it also seems like he might be doing way too much tinkering, especially during this rough stretch he is only just emerging from.

The Story: Prospect reports on Cam Bedrosian and Nate Smith.
The Monkey Says: Nate Smith is a real fan fave right now, but I wonder how much of that is people liking him as an underdog story. Even in prospect evaluation, it can be hard to overlook a good story.

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