Halo Headlines: new Angels stadium could cost $700 million, Halos might carry eight relievers

The March 6th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including new Angels stadium could cost $700 million, Halos might carry eight relievers and much more…

The Story: It is estimated that it would cost the Angels $700 million to build a new stadium elsewhere in southern California.

The Monkey Says: The pissing match with Anaheim continues. This isn't really a direct threat, more just the Angels letting Anaheim know that they have done their research on what it would take to move elsewhere and that they are at least thinking about it. It is really just another shot across the bow.

The Story: The Angels might open the season with an eight-man bullpen.

The Monkey Says: Gross. They'd basically want to carry a long man (likely Blanton) in the event that the young starters don't have enough endurance yet. That means they'd blow up their bench so that Joe Blanton can pitch four times in the first month of the season. I hate this idea so much. It does open up the possibility that Grant Green would get more consideration as a full-blown utility infielder. He played shortstop in yesterday's game and didn't embarrass himself, so we'll see if they keep exploring that option.

The Story: Tyler Skaggs could be the key for the Angels.

The Monkey Says: Really it is Skaggs or Richards or Santiago. One of the three needs to step up to become a high quality 3+ WAR starter. Skaggs is just the most likely of the three to do that. He is also the most likely to bomb out, so there is more riding on his shoulders.

The Story: Jered Weaver talks about how he can succeed with declining velocity.

The Monkey Says: And he comes clean about the fact that his shoulder was and probably still is an issue. I'm sure we all feel better about his prospects for 2014 and beyond now.

The Story: Ernesto Frieri was troubled by personal issues during his struggles on the mound last season.

The Monkey Says: He doesn't expand upon it, but it does give him something of an excuse for the disastrous two-week stretch he had starting at the end of July. He says things are all better now, so maybe that will lead to better results although I don't see how a happier home life can cure a lack of fastball command.

The Story: Vegas oddsmakers give the Angels 20/1 odds to win the World Series.

The Monkey Says: They are tied with the Braves for 11th best odds. The Dodgers have the best odds in the league, something I am sure their fans won't brag about at all despite it being utterly meaningless.

The Story: Kole Calhoun is one of the young outfielders in the league that could make a name for himself this season.

The Monkey Says: I'm trying so hard to temper my expectations for Calhoun, but I just don't know if I can contain myself.

The Story: Describing the best yet-to-happen GIF for each team in 2014.

The Monkey Says: Anyone up for producing a fan film that can give us these GIFs now?

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