Halo Headlines: no Angels in BP’s top 101 prospects, looking at the Iannetta-Conger platoon

The January 28th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including no Angels in BP's top 101 prospects, looking at the Iannetta-Conger platoon and much more…

The Story: The top 101 prospects according to Baseball Prospectus.

The Monkey Says: Of those 101 prospects, there are exactly zero Angels. Same goes for the top 100 list from MLB.com that came out recently. Baseball America should be unveiling theirs soon, but I am not hopeful that any Angel prospect will crack that top 100 either.

The Story: A look at the Angels' catching platoon situation.

The Monkey Says: The throwing is only a small part of the game that gets too much focus. The fact that Conger is so good at framing and Iannetta is so bad should really get a lot more focus.

The Story: Why are smart teams spending money on relievers?

The Monkey Says: Though not specifically mentioned, this might partly explain why Jerry Dipoto changed his stance on paying relievers when he gave a big contract to Joe Smith. I tend to believe that Dipoto did that just to prove that he wasn't going to let another season of awful relief work hurt the club.

The Story: Former Angel Chris Nelson has signed with the Reds.

The Monkey Says: For the zero people who were still hoping the Angels would bring him back.

The Story: Kip Wells, who was with the Triple-A Salt Lake Bees last season, has retired.

The Monkey Says: Remember when the Angels were so desperate for rotation depth that they signed Kip Wells to a minor league contract? Yikes.

The Story: A look at Paul Maholm as a candidate for the Angels' rotation.

The Monkey Says: At this point, I think the Angels should just sign whoever is willing to take a one-year deal. With Justin Masterson, Homer Bailey, Yovani Gallardo, Jon Lester, Max Scherzer and James Shields all potential free agents in 2015, the Angels should be sure not to clutter up the roster and payroll for next year so they can make a run at whichever of those guys actually makes it to the open market.

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