Halo Headlines: Pujols is injured and struggling, reflecting on Ibanez’s career

The June 24th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Pujols is injured and struggling, reflecting on Ibanez’s career and much more…

The Story: Albert Pujols is injured and struggling, still owed $189 million.
The Monkey Says: Tell us something we don’t know. The thing is, I actually think there is still talent there to be highly productive, but only when he is healthy and that is a status he seems unable to maintain.

The Story: Reflecting on Raul Ibanez’s career.
The Monkey Says: Ibanez is hardly identified with the Angels, but it is worth posting this just so we all remember that Ibanez did have a very good and very interesting career. Don’t let his ignominious and brief Angel career sully that.

The Story: The rained out Angels-Indians game will be made-up on September 8th.
The Monkey Says: Both have an off day then. Unfortunately, it comes late in the year when off days are at a premium.

The Story: The Angels have the second-best outfield in baseball so far.
The Monkey Says: By value, at least. I think that they might be number one had Calhoun and Hamilton not missed so much time though. I feel pretty confident they can overtake the Marlins by year end.

The Story: Developing emotions on Matt Shoemaker.
The Monkey Says: Shoemaker is actually getting noticed. All that hand-wringing over the Angels’ lack of rotation depth was for naught.

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