Halo Headlines: reactions to Joyce-Jepsen trades, Angels still pursuing Gordon Beckham

The December 17th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including reactions to Joyce-Jepsen trades, Angels still pursuing Gordon Beckham and much more…

The Story: Adding Matt Joyce serves as Josh Hamilton insurance.
The Monkey Says: That’s true in that it adds more left-handed power to a lineup that may not have any if Hamilton totally craters and/or gets hurt again. Mostly though he’s going to be a in DH platoon with C.J. Cron. Dipoto mentioned Joyce as a primary DH, but letting him face southpaws is a bad idea, as is letting him play the field. The less he does those two things, the better this trade looks for the Angels.

The Story: The Angels still want to re-sign Gordon Beckham.
The Monkey Says: Talks are ongoing, but nothing is imminent. It is kind of crazy to think that re-signing Beckham is this hard, but it is for some reason. I concur with Alden’s sentiments that adding Beckham would probably be the final move for the Halos this offseason.

The Story: The Angels are looking for a rebound from Josh Hamilton.
The Monkey Says: This is at least the third outlet I’ve seen run this same story. I’m beginning to think the Angels might be sending a message.

The Story: Chad Tracy will manage the Burlington Bees this season.
The Monkey Says: That’s not all that important, but because there was confusion over which Chad Tracy it was, I link to this. FYI, it is Chad, the son of former manager Jim Tracy, not the former big league hitter that spent last training camp with the Angels.

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