Halo Headlines: reviewing the Angels draft, Green demoted, Rasmus called up

The June 9th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including reviewing the Angels draft, Green demoted, Rasmus called up and much more…

The Story: Keith Law breakdowns every AL team’s draft.
The Monkey Says: The first two days of picks, anyway. This is more of an informational review than a “grade” review, so draw your own conclusions there, but at least we learn a bit more about who the Angels selected. Our own Scotty Allen will be diving deep into the draft class later today on MWAH.

The Story: The Angels sent Grant Green to Triple-A and called up Cory Rasmus.
The Monkey Says: The other shoe finally dropped and had the expected result. Green performed very well in the majors, but there just isn’t a role for him right now. It is encouraging though that the Halos intend to move him all over the field to prep him better for the superutility role he was always destined for. He’ll surely be the first guy called up the second anyone at any position other than pitcher or catcher gets hurt. As for Rasmus, he wasn’t much good in his earlier cup of coffee this year, but he made one appearance over the weekend and didn’t suck. He still appears to be living on borrowed time as the Halos wait for Dane De La Rosa to get right.

The Story: The Angels signed Joel Pineiro to a minor league deal and outrighted Michael Brady, Jarrett Grube and Brooks Raley.
The Monkey Says: Yes, THAT Joel Pineiro. The Angels always need more rotation depth, so giving Pineiro a look is clearly with that in mind. What’s actually more impactful is the Halos clearing three spots on the 40-man roster. That’s certainly telling of a more moves to come in the near future. While we might be dreaming on something big, it could simply be something like adding more guys claimed off waivers as they did with Brady and Raley earlier this year.

The Story: There’s not statistical reason to suggest Mike Trout shouldn’t steal more.
The Monkey Says: No, there isn’t. Actually, if anything, it should suggest that Pujols and Hamilton should swap spots in the order so Josh can get more heaters. It might also suggest that Trout hasn’t been running because of nagging injuries like the hamstring and back issues he has already dealt with this year.

The Story: Mike Trout has fallen behind Jose Bautista as the leading All-Star vote-getter in the AL.
The Monkey Says: Because Toronto stuffs the ballot box, as shown by Melky Cabrera being third in AL outfielder voting.

The Story: Kevin Jepsen appears to be emerging as the Angels’ new “seventh inning guy.”
The Monkey Says: Yikes. Jepsen has been hot lately, but he has always been streaky because his mechanics are messy. Jepsen is still vulnerable to lefties as well, so let’s hope Scioscia can at least shelter him despite his increased responsibilities.

The Story: Sean Burnett has begun post-surgery rehab.
The Monkey Says: Please, no. No more Burnett rehab stories. We’ve had too many of these over the last year to go through this again knowing full well that he is never going to throw another pitch for the Angels.

The Story: Ian Stewart has received cortisone shots in his injured left thumb.
The Monkey Says: This should really be in whatever the Halos Headlines equivalent is for the Salt Lake Bees (Bees Buzz?) because Stewart will be optioned to Salt Lake the instant he comes off the DL.

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