Halo Headlines: Sean Burnett has torn UCL, Trout not interested in Home Run Derby

The May 29th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Sean Burnett has torn UCL, Trout not interested in Home Run Derby and much more…

The Story: Sean Burnett suffered a torn UCL and is likely to have Tommy John surgery.
The Monkey Says: His season is over as is his Angels career, though one could argue that it never really began. His career might actually be over considering how tough his comeback his been only to end up like this. This is just rough all over.

The Story: Matt Shoemaker was called back up and will start for the Angels on Thursday.
The Monkey Says: Burnett’s DL placement allowed him to be recalled early. Wade LeBlanc will hang around in the bullpen for a little bit, but I suspect that his lack of effectiveness against lefties will get him sent back down before long.

The Story: Mike Trout doesn’t want to participate in the Home Run Derby.
The Monkey Says: He’s trying to be diplomatic about it, but he doesn’t want to do it. Nobody has asked him, but people are going to gauge his interest anyway.

The Story: A zone chart of Mike Trout’s “struggles.”
The Monkey Says: Once again, we see Trout struggling on pitches up in the zone. He used to be able to hit those pitches, so that still figures to be something he can fix.

The Story: Yasiel Puig is the big fish in Southern California baseball, not Mike Trout.
The Monkey Says: Puig has been incredibly this year, which is great. But do we really need another forced comparison? Is this just because Bryce Harper is hurt? I don’t think I can handle a new wave of this pointlessness.

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