Halo Headlines: Skaggs to DL, Santiago called up

The June 10th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Skaggs to DL, Santiago called up and much more…

The Story: Tyler Skaggs has been placed on the DL with a hamstring injury, Hector Santiago was called up to replace him.
The Monkey Says: The injury is considered to be minor, but the Halos didn’t want to be short an arm again by calling a spot starter. I suspect they also figured it was a good way to keep Skaggs’ innings a little bit more under control. As for Santiago, he’s made three starts in the minors and was terrible in two of them. He isn’t beyond repair, but he probably needs more time to get fully back in working order.

The Story: David Freese thinks the Angels should maintain a simple focus.
The Monkey Says: This was in response to Ernesto Frieri’s prediction of beating the A’s. Clearly, Freese is not on board.

The Story: Predicting the AL and NL MVPs.
The Monkey Says: Oh, Lord. This is way too early to start this up again. At least it looks like there might be other names in the mix with Trout and Miggy, but I really can’t take a third year of this debate. I just can’t. Seriously, please don’t do this to me. I’ll do anything. ANYTHING!

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