Halo Headlines: Skaggs will return next week, Baylor rejoins the Angels

The June 25th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Skaggs will return next week, Baylor rejoins the Angels and much more…

The Story: Tyler Skaggs will have his return pushed back until next week.
The Monkey Says: The Angels decided to have him make a rehab start since his absence went slightly longer than expected. This means Hector Santiago will get at least one more start before the Angels decide what to do with him.

The Story: Don Baylor officially rejoined the Angels full-time as hitting coach.
The Monkey Says: You could say that the Angels… got their Groove back. /drops mic, exits stage

The Story: Alfonso Alcantara will be the lone Angels representative in the MLB Futures Game.
The Monkey Says: Alcantara didn’t make the MWAH top 30 prospects list last year, so that should tell you all you need to know. He has been pretty good for Burlington this year though, but he isn’t anyone worth getting excited about.

The Story: Erick Aybar is making a case to be an AL All-Star.
The Monkey Says: Normally these pieces are just team-fueled propaganda, but Aybar leads all AL shortstops in fWAR and wRC+. However, Derek Jeter is going to get the start because he’s Jeter. That leaves one less spot for Aybar to sneak on with.

The Story: Fernando Salas started playing catch again yesterday.
The Monkey Says: I never though I’d say this, but the Angels really need to get Salas back soon.

The Story: Garrett Richards is becoming a force in the Angels rotation.
The Monkey Says: He is, but how about people start focusing on the entire Angels rotation becoming a force now. Richards, Wilson, Weaver, Skaggs and even Shoemaker have all been between excellent and above average. They have the third-best ERA, second-best FIP fourth-best WAR out of all AL rotations. This is a strong group now.

The Story: How do these guys stay in the league? Featuring John McDonald.
The Monkey Says: I honestly think that McDonald’s veteran presence will keep him safe, especially now that Ibanez is gone. Green can be stashed in the minors and called up to play whenever someone gets hurt. It isn’t a great use of a roster spot, but the Angels can get away with it.

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