Halo Headlines: suggesting Trout decline an extension, Hamilton glad Kinsler joining him in Rangers doghouse

The March 5th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including suggesting Trout decline an extension, Hamilton glad Kinsler joining him in Rangers doghouse and much more…

The Story: A suggestion that Mike Trout should turn down the Angels' extension offers.

The Monkey Says: I understand the logic, but I also think that most humans are hardwired to not walk away from a nine figure contract. Ironically, Trout not taking an extension would actually give the Angels the most luxury tax flexibility although it would obviously create the massive risk of him walking away the second he is eligible for free agency.

The Story: Josh Hamilton is glad that Ian Kinsler has joined him in the doghouse of Rangers fans.

The Monkey Says: Josh made a funny!

The Story: The Angels reached contract agreements with all 25 of their pre-arbitration players.

The Monkey Says: Nobody got renewed, so no controversy this time around. We will have to wait to see what each player actually got through.

The Story: It is pretty clear that Kole Calhoun is going to bat leadoff this season.

The Monkey Says: And it is the right decision, so shut up about it already.

The Story: The cost per win for each MLB team in 2014.

The Monkey Says: This is WAR wins, not on the field wins, but clearly the Angels are paying more than most as a result of having an old roster with some lofty contracts.

The Story: Suggestions for how the Angels can lock up all of their young talent via long-term extensions.

The Monkey Says: Yeah, not so much with that. Skaggs is completely unproven and Richards is too inconsistent. Santiago is a volatile performer, so maybe it would be worth it if it were cheap enough. Frieri is a reliever, so that's just a bad idea in general. Calhoun is probably the only one I'd seriously consider but since he is already 26, I'm not sure I'd be in a big rush to buyout any of his free agent years.

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