Halo Headlines: toe tap restores Hamilton’s power, Pujols passes Mathews and Banks on all-time home run list

The August 7th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including toe tap restores Hamilton’s power, Pujols passes Mathews and Banks on all-time home run list and much more…

The Story: Adding a toe tap back into his swing has helped Josh Hamilton find his power stroke again.
The Monkey Says: Whatever works. What might also work would just be to stop swinging at so many breaking balls in the dirt. But what do I know? I’m not a hitting coach.

The Story: Albert Pujols passed Ernie Banks and Eddie Mathews on the all-time homer list.
The Monkey Says: He is now 21st all-time all by himself, but you knew that already because they talked about it quite a bit on Tuesday’s broadcast.

The Story: Mike Trout and Vin Scully posed for a photo together.
The Monkey Says: Baseball nerds everywhere had to spend the entire evening putting their skulls back together because this photo blew their mind.

The Story: David Freese is dealing with a sore patellar tendon.
The Monkey Says: Nothing serious, but it explains why he got the night off last night. That and his recent spate of errors.

The Story: Looking back on the first official game between Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw.
The Monkey Says: Narrative. So very much narrative.

The Story: Hector Santiago is eager to start on normal rest again.
The Monkey Says: He played this card early in the season, but he believes that he hasn’t been as sharp as he would like because his routine is disrupted and he has had to infrequently make an emergency relief appearance. That sounds valid enough, but at a point you just have to deal with it and pitch better.

The Story: Monday’s Angels-Dodgers game was the second-highest rated Angels game on Fox Sports West ever.
The Monkey Says: Thanks SportsNet LA and DirecTV!

The Story: 23 facts about Mike Trout for his 23rd birthday.
The Monkey Says: I’ll be honest, I didn’t know he ever committed to a college. It goes to show how overlooked he was that East Carolina was where he would’ve ended up and not some other more famous baseball powerhouse.

The Story: Brennan Boesch accidentally threw his bat into the crowd on two straight swings the other night, angering fans.
The Monkey Says: How about a little more pinetar and a little less injuring young girls, Brennan?

The Story: Does Collin Cowgill’s emergence justify the decision to trade Peter Bourjos?
The Monkey Says: No, the Angels got lucky with Cowgill who was not even a lock to make the roster going into spring training. His success this year is built on the back of a .369 BABIP that he isn’t going to be able to sustain. Peter Bourjos has been awful in St. Louis, but giving up his potential because Cowgill might turn into a solid fourth outfielder was not a factor in making that trade.

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