Halo Headlines: Trout extension still in talks, Hamilton could return to action in a week

The March 10th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Trout extension still in talks, Hamilton could return to action in a week and much more..

The Story: Mike Trout and the Angels are still negotiating his contract extension.

The Monkey Says: The years still seem to be the main sticking point, but this article suggests there are still financial aspects that need to be worked out as well, though that seems secondary to the duration of the contract. It still sounds like something should happen before Opening Day.

The Story: Josh Hamilton could return to action within a week.

The Monkey Says: This is fantastic news. Hamilton may or may not get as many plate appearances as he would like, but at least there is now no doubt that he will at least be healthy and available on Opening Day.

The Story: Dane De La Rosa was diagnosed with a forearm strain.

The Monkey Says: Compared to what it could have been, this is great news. However, there is a real possibility that DDLR will have to open the season on the disabled list, though he thinks he will still be ready in time.

The Story: Catcher John Hester and left-handed reliever Robert Carson have been outrighted to Triple-A.

The Monkey Says: This is as strong an indication as any that the Angels will be adding at least one player to the 40-man roster before the season starts. As of right now, that's probably John McDonald. What this also does is puts Hester and Carson through waivers early enough in spring that teams would be hesitant to claim them and find their own space on a 40-man roster. Now the Halos can stash Hester in Triple-A as catching insurance and Carson as lefty reliever insurance.

The Story: C.J. Wilson is indebted to the late Dr. Frank Jobe.

The Monkey Says: It is a crime that Jobe has not been inducted to the Hall of Fame. That could very well happen now, but it is obviously now too late for the honor to be felt by Jobe.

The Story: Josh Hamilton is open to talking to troubled Astros prospect Jonathan Singleton.

The Monkey Says: That would be a stand up thing to do as it sounds like Singleton really does have some issues he is working to get straight. Even Rangers fans can't find a way to criticize Josh for doing something like that, though I'm sure they'll try.

The Story: Grant Green continues to work out at third base in hopes of making the Opening Day roster.

The Monkey Says: Green has been playing some at shortstop too this spring. This post suggests he is competing for a roster spot with Andrew Romine and John McDonald, but there is no reason to think that they can't carry Green and one of those other two. If he hits enough, he should put himself in position to make the roster.

The Story: Joe Blanton's future with the Angels is murky after he gave up four homers in his latest spring training outing.

The Monkey Says: Nobody should ever read too much into spring performance, but jeebus, four homers? That may not have sealed Blanton's fate, but it certainly has put him in the crosshairs even more than he already was.

The Story: Albert Pujols talks about being a leader and an example to couple with Mike Trout's youthful energy.

The Monkey Says: I hate to say it, but all this tough talk from Albert might not mean much if he doesn't perform this year. One can only lead so much if you aren't contributing on the field.

The Story: Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher spent a day in Angels training camp.

The Monkey Says: Why? Who knows. Maybe because he kind of looks like Trout, otherwise, I got nothing.

The Story: C.J. Wilson had the windshield on his truck smashed by a foul ball.

The Monkey Says: Apparently Positive Mental Attitude does not come with a good sense of where to park your car near a baseball field.

The Story: Mike Trout gave his game-used batting gloves to a kid in the crowd.

The Monkey Says: Six years old and that kid's life may have already peaked.

The Story: Michael Roth: the Angels' smartest pitcher.

The Monkey Says: By the sounds of it, if Roth doesn't make it in the bigs, it won't be due to a lack of preparation and smarts.

The Story: Mike Trout vs. Yasiel Puig: Who is more electric?

The Monkey Says: How does having a grouse as his favorite bird not win this for Trout?

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