Halo Headlines: Trout to discuss contract extension, Jim Fregosi suffers a stroke

The February 13th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Trout to discuss contract extension, Jim Fregosi suffers a stroke and much more…

The Story: Mike Trout is expected to discuss a long-term contract extension with the Angels during spring training.

The Monkey Says: We all knew this story was coming. The sides will at least talk, but that doesn't mean anything will come of it. That being said, I would be very surprised if some kind of deal was not made simply because the Angels just can't pass up the opportunity. There's a lot to talk about with this topic, so I'll save the rest for a full post later today.

The Story: Angel great Jim Fregosi has been hospitalized after suffering a stroke.

The Monkey Says: Get well soon, Jim.

The Story: Mark Mulder discusses his comeback attempt.

The Monkey Says: The more I hear about Mulder's comeback, especially with the quotes from Tim Huff, the more and more likely I believe it is that Mulder will open the season in the rotation.

The Story: Angels pitchers and catchers prepare for training camp to get underway.

The Monkey Says: There is nothing worth reading in this post, I am just so damned excited that baseball draws nigh.

The Story: Jonah Keri ranks the contracts of Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols the sixth and second worst, respectively.

The Monkey Says: I feel like Hamilton should swap spots with Teixeira, or at least he will if he performs poorly agains this season. I don't think A-Rod should lead the list though as his 2013 salary isn't getting paid out and then there is a very good chance he will retire before his contract finishes. Even then, the years and money he is owed pale in comparison to what Pujols has left on his deal.

The Story: In a simulation of the best single-season rosters of all-time, the Angels team wins just 61 games.

The Monkey Says: That's the second-worst mark in the AL thanks to Tampa winning a mere 37 games. This is why Moreno needs to start pumping money into a top secret project to clone Mike Trout.

The Story: The worst single-season roster of all-time.

The Monkey Says: The Angels are partially represented by Lloyd Allen who I have absolutely no recollection of, mainly because I did not exist back when he played. I do give the Halos credit though for trading him to the Rangers in the midst of that truly wretched season of his in 1973.

The Story: Fearless spring training predictions.

The Monkey Says: I agree with everyone but #3. I just don't see there being a roster slot available for Morin or Alvarez. The team will likely see what more established guys like Salas, Kohn or one of the seven hundred lefties can do since they can always just let the kids get a bit of work in the minors and call them up after the older guys stumble.

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