Halo Headlines: Trout tuning out distractions, Moran sidelined with elbow problem

The March 20th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Trout tuning out distractions, Moran sidelined with elbow problem and much more…

The Story: Mike Trout has a unique ability to tune out distractions.

The Monkey Says: It is true, I had seats just a few rows deep at Spring Training this last weekend and yelled at him to just sign the contract extension already and the dude didn't even blink.

The Story: Brian Moran is sidelined with a non-major elbow problem.

The Monkey Says: It sounds like he could start the season on the DL as a result. That would leave the Angels in a position where they would have to carry Nick Maronde just to have a lefty or go with no lefties at all. That would actually give them a way to carry Joe Blanton in long relief if they were worried about their starter depth. Another option that satisfies both needs poorly would be to keep lefty Wade LeBlanc instead, even though he isn't very effective against left-handed batters.

The Story: Angels minor league pitcher Luis Pina was suspended 50 games for using PEDs.

The Monkey Says: Pina was just a DSL player, so this is not a major blow in any way shape or form.

The Story: Tyler Skaggs is looking to lock up the final rotation spot.

The Monkey Says: He pretty much does, but his last outing was rough and Joe Blanton is showing signs of life, so there is an outside chance that Skaggs might cost himself the spot if he doesn't improve in his next two spring starts. The team still is talking him up, so he remains in good position otherwise.

The Story: Sean Burnett has advanced to throwing changeups in his bullpen sessions.

The Monkey Says: There are still no sliders being thrown, but he might soon step up the frequency of the sessions. There is virtually not chance that he will be ready for Opening Day.

The Story: The Angels are working to rebuild their farm system.

The Monkey Says: Things continue to move in the right direction, I just hope that this regime is still around this time next year to keep putting these processes in place.

The Story: A look at Angels prospects that could fill the Angels' needs in the short-term and long-term.

The Monkey Says: It is really just a recap of the top prospects in the system, but has some useful insight nonetheless.

The Story: The least valuable player for each MLB team.

The Monkey Says: Pujols gets the nod because of his contract, but I think that undersells the fact that he could be productive enough this year to justify his 2014 salary. Joe Blanton, however…

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