Halo Headlines: Trout’s contract is ruffling feathers, Angels not worried about RISP struggles

The April 7th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Trout’s contract is ruffling feathers, Angels not worried about RISP struggles and much more…

The Story: Mike Trout’s contract is ruffling the feathers of other players.
The Monkey Says: Well, probably their agents’ feathers. Somehow they think Trout can’t sign for less than every cent available. That’s just unrealistic and something most non-Boras agents do all the time to get their clients (and themselves) the financial security they need.

The Story: The Angels aren’t worried about their early struggles hitting with runners in scoring position.
The Monkey Says: And they shouldn’t be for a multitude of reasons. Hitting with RISP isn’t really a skill being the foremost reason. The second big reason is that we are one week into the season. Chill out.

The Story: Albert Pujols insists that he feels fine despite his slow start.
The Monkey Says: He also insisted his foot was fine for a long time last year as well. I don’t actually think he is hurting, but you get my point. Pujols will come around eventually, or at least I hope, so let’s not overreact to one week’s worth of action. I feel like a broken record.

The Story: Garrett Richards is a breakout candidate in 2014.
The Monkey Says: I was on the Richards bandwagon for awhile, but I’m off it now. I think he’ll put up solid numbers, but I don’t see him “breaking through.” He is just too inconsistent both mentally and physically and it hasn’t gotten that much better over the years. He has that tantalizing stuff and I love that he can maintain his velocity deep into games, but until he can maintain his focus and his mechanics, that isn’t going to matter.

The Story: Tyler Skaggs appears to be throwing a harder curveball this year, with improved results.
The Monkey Says: That’s a really great find.

The Story: Don Baylor has been discharged from the hospital but still doesn’t have a return date.
The Monkey Says: He won’t be able to travel for awhile, but perhaps he can start coming around before home games in the not so distant future.

The Story: Mike Trout is working hard to improve his arm strength.
The Monkey Says: Trout is the baseball version of that kid in your math class that would complain to the teacher about the one question on the 50-question quiz that he got wrong.

The Story: Sean Burnett threw some more simulated games but still has no timetable for his return.
The Monkey Says: Can we at least get the year or century in which he might return?

The Story: The ten worst teams to watch on MLB.tv.
The Monkey Says: But… but… Mike Trout?

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