Halo Headlines: Tustin won’t pay for new stadium, Trout won’t comment on contract talks

The February 20th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Tustin won't pay for new stadium, Trout won't comment on contract talks and much more…

The Story: The mayor of Tustin says the city will not use taxpayer money to build a stadium for the Angels.

The Monkey Says: He seems to be fully aware that he is likely just getting to talk to Moreno because the Angels need leverage and isn't eager to play along. It will be curious to see what Moreno does next because he has recently told fans that the Angels won't leave Orange County, ruling out a move to Los Angeles where there are stadium opportunities.

The Story: Mike Trout doesn't want to comment on contract extension talks.

The Monkey Says: He just doesn't want it to become a distraction, so don't freak out that it somehow means talks are or aren't going well.

The Story: Mike Trout says he wants to steal more bases this year.

The Monkey Says: interesting that he seems to blame himself for his drop in steals last year. It was odd that he stole much less frequently in 2013, but I had assumed that was because Scioscia didn't want him running in front of Pujols. The way Trout talks about it makes it seem as if not running was his decision though.

The Story: Mike Trout is set to become the new face of baseball after Jeter retires.

The Monkey Says: Well, tell Twitter because Trout lost the stupid #FaceOfMLB voting this year to Paul Goldschmidt, who I don't think anyone considers the next superstar of the league. Also, who cares?

The Story: Albert Pujols will be eased into full-time duty at first.

The Monkey Says: The team is going out of their way to keep him healthy, so that means Raul Ibanez will get some work there on a regular basis this spring. It will also open up an even bigger opportunity for Carlos Pena to make the team. What scares me though is Scioscia also mentioned they want Ibanez to spend some time playing the outfield this year. That is a very, very bad idea.

The Story: Arte Moreno addressed the team yesterday and told them to "have fun."

The Monkey Says: Arte clearly understands how much the pressure of expectations has affected the team the last two years. It is a topic that has already come up quite often this spring, so if this somehow helps them stay loose, great.

The Story: The over/under on Mike Trout home runs is 29.5.

The Monkey Says: I'm taking the over because you should always take the over when it comes to Mike Trout.

The Story: Brandon Lyon claims his struggles last year were related to a back problem.

The Monkey Says: That should improve his hopes of making the team, but he still likely won't. The Angels have many other, younger arms with more upside that should get a look before the team turns to Lyon.

The Story: A season preview of the LA Angels from the Outside Corner!

The Monkey Says: There are four different features for you to enjoy, this link starts with the main preview. Oh, and it is all written by me, so go ahead and read that.

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