Halo Headlines: Wilson hit in head, Hamilton on crutches, Trout still talking extension

The February 26th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Wilson hit in head, Hamilton on crutches, Trout still talking extension and much more…

The Story: C.J. Wilson is doing fine after being hit in the side of the head with a comebacker during live batting practice yesterday.

The Monkey Says: Bullet dodged, err, well, maybe not dodged, but you get the point. Just know though that a simple random comebacker taking a pitcher out is how close the Angels are to having to use Joe Blanton in the Opening Day rotation.

The Story: Josh Hamilton is on crutches after straining his left calf on Tuesday.

The Monkey Says: He says he thinks it will be four to five days before he is back in action, but the team has yet to comment. We will have to see if that prognosis holds up, especially given Hamilton's length injury history.

The Story: Mike Trout and the Angels are still in extension talks centered around the $150 million figure.

The Monkey Says: One could look at this as a bad sign since there hasn't been much progress over the last few days, but one might also see that as a good sign that something might happen soon. It really just boils down to your level of optimism/pessimism.

The Story: The Angels will have 14 spring training games where they will be able to try out the new replay rules.

The Monkey Says: I really can't wait to see Scioscia challenge a trapped ball ruling in a 10-2 game with mostly Triple-A players on the field. I love replay, but I just think these test games are going to lead to a lot of time spent challenging innocuous plays.

The Story: Grading each team's offseason, the Angels get a B+.

The Monkey Says: That would've been my grade if the Angels had a bit more starting pitching depth, so I am forced to downgrade them to a "B." I could adjust again based on Trout's extension. I'm sure that is going to really impact a lot of lives.

The Story: No team has a smaller percentage of their payroll spent on the bench than the Angels.

The Monkey Says: They are tied for the lowest in actual salary as well. Not spending on depth? How could that possibly backfire?

The Story: Every team's hat if they used food as their logo.

The Monkey Says: Wait, why does Oakland get In-N-Out? I've always felt that was much more of a Southern California chain than a Northern California chain. I declare shenanigans!

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