Halo Headlines: Wilson ready to return, Angels scout Cuban OF Rusney Castillo

The July 30th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Wilson ready to return, Angels scout Cuban OF Rusney Castillo and much more…

The Story: C.J. Wilson is likely to return to the rotation this weekend and believes he fixed an issue with his hip that was causing his struggles.
The Monkey Says: It is kind of weird that he didn’t realize his hip was messed up, but he says he has the flexibility back now. Maybe it wasn’t the problem, but at least it is something tangible to hang some hopes on as the Angels are a far more dangerous playoff match-up with Wilson pitching at the top of his game.

The Story: The Angels scouted Cuban OF Rusney Castillo last weekend.
The Monkey Says: He is well-thought of, but it doesn’t look like the Angels are going to be in on him as they are not one of the four teams that has a private workout scheduled. The combination of the crowded Angels outfield and Castillo’s pricetag made this a poor match.

The Story: Josh Hamilton had to make an emergency trip to North Carolina before Tuesday’s game.
The Monkey Says: His father-in-law was in a car accident. This is why Josh was switched to DH right before yesterday’s game.

The Story: The Angels’ preference to use spending power rather than prospects makes it more likely that the Angels will wait until August to make any more trades.
The Monkey Says: That makes a lot of sense, but it also means they won’t be getting any big names, not that they could have afforded any with the prospects they have available for trade.

The Story: The Angels bullpen has two aces in Huston Street and Joe Smith.
The Monkey Says: Actually, they’ve got three, maybe even four. Kevin Jepsen has been every bit as good as Smith and Street, but he hasn’t gotten any saves, so I guess he doesn’t count since that bullshit stat still carries far too much weight. Mike Morin might even have a claim to the label, too.

The Story: The Angels have been succeeded despite poor cluster luck.
The Monkey Says: Cluster luck is the hottest new trend in sabermetrics. It has always been an idea, but (at least to my observation) has only started to be quantified this season.

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