Halo Headlines: Wilson succeeds by throwing more strikes, Skaggs has successful Tommy John surgery

The August 14th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Wilson succeeds by throwing more strikes, Skaggs has successful Tommy John surgery and much more…

The Story: C.J. Wilson is finding success by throwing more strikes.
The Monkey Says: OK, dude, whatever. I think it is pretty clear that just about every pitcher has more success when throwing more strikes. I also think Wilson is aware of that considering his #throwstrikes hashtag usage. Throwing strikes just isn’t that easy. In fact, one can focus too much on just throwing strikes and get clobbered. Have we all forgotten about Joe Blanton already?

The Story: Tyler Skaggs underwent successful Tommy John surgery yesterday.
The Monkey Says: See you in 2016, Tyler.

The Story: Mike Trout has already won the 2014 AL MVP, according to Google.
The Monkey Says: As of this writing, Google is still showing that erroneous result. Maybe they figure if they just leave it alone for a few months, then it will correct itself by coming true in real life.

The Story: The Angels outrighted Caleb Clay off the 40-man roster.
The Monkey Says: He heads back to Salt Lake and the Angels now have an open spot on the 40-man roster. What will they do with it? Let your imagination wonder.

The Story: Brennan Boesch changed to #28 from #00 because he was tired of all the questions about his number.
The Monkey Says: Well, that backfired because now he has to answer questions about why he switched numbers. I don’t think he thought this out very well.

The Story: Arte Moreno is one of the owners supporting Tom Werner as the next commissioner.
The Monkey Says: Uh oh. Moreno is aligning with a camp led by notorious jerkwad Jerry Reinsdorf. This faction of owners wants to lead a more aggressive stance against the players. What it means is that if there is work stoppage after this CBA, regardless of who the commissioner is, Moreno is going to be one of the owners taking the hardline stance.

The Story: Mike Morin will pitch a rehab game with the Inland Empire 66ers today.
The Monkey Says: Assuming it goes well, he’ll be activated for this weekend.

The Story: Is a regional World Series in our future?
The Monkey Says: A Freeway Series, Bay Area Series, I-70 Series and Beltway series all look like they are going to be in play. Those would all be fun, but I don’t know that any of them would have national appeal. The local ratings would be through the roof, but fans with no vested rooting interest tend to like to have someone to at least root against and picking someone because they are from an area they don’t like is the easiest thing to do.

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