Halo Headlines: ZiPS projects monster season for Trout, Angels preach patience with free agency

The January 27th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including ZiPS projects a monster season for Trout, Angels preach patience with free agency and much more…

The Story: The 2014 ZiPS projections for the Los Angeles Angels, including a historic projection for Mike Trout.

The Monkey Says: Remember how everyone was saying Trout had to come back to earth before last season? Well, it looks like ZiPS learned that lesson as it projects him for a stunning 9.5 WAR season, which is three full wins above any other player in baseball. Like, zoiks, Scoob!

The Story: The Angels are preaching patience with their remaining moves for the rest of the offseason.

The Monkey Says: Pitchers and catchers report in less than three weeks. How much more patient can they really afford to be?

The Story: Internet commenters try and trade for David Price.

The Monkey Says: I nearly died laughing because the same Price and DeJesus for Trout trade suggestion was once made by a commenter here (I believe the same person). Trade suggestions are not for the feint of heart, my friends.

The Story: The Angels signed Dominican RHP Lianmy Gilan for $115,000.

The Monkey Says: A teenager who started pitching a few months ago and is already throwing 90+. Me likey. Heck, me likey just seeing the Angels spend in the international market again.

The Story: Clay Davenport projects an 84-win season for the Angels, and thus no playoff berth.

The Monkey Says: But they are given a 34% chance at making the playoffs, so don't get too upset. In fact, I'd say that is about right.

The Story: The Angels are one of just four franchises who do not hold an official FanFest.

The Monkey Says: The Angels used to have a fest of some sort, but shut it down for reasons that now escape me. Seeing that they are one of the four that don't do it suggests that they should probably fix that. After four straight non-playoff seasons, they could stand to build a little goodwill.

The Story: Erick Aybar is the shortstop for the all-underrated team.

The Monkey Says: Really? Is he that underrated? If anything, his defense is overrated. He does get bagged on a lot for his low OBP. I know I am guilty of that. But it isn't actually that bad compared to other shortstops. It just gets put in a harsh light because Scioscia so frequently miscasts him as a top of the order hitter. Maybe he is a little underrated, but I can't imagine by all that much. I would think Alexei Ramirez has a much better claim to that title.

The Story: Is Taylor Lindsey the next Robinson Cano?

The Monkey Says: Take stat-based player comparisons with a grain or seven thousand of salt. They are more for entertainment purposes. Lindsey is certainly raising his prospect stock, but don't expect the next Cano. Even as a prospect, Cano was not seen by most as a guy who could turn into a superstar so Lindsey matching his prospect rates isn't necessarily the endorsement it might seem to be.

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